Donation For Vision
Pro Smart Glasses

Our aim is to provide 100 AI Power Glasses to the Blind people.
By donating to this campaign, you can help to make AI Smart Glasses more accessible to blind people who need them.

Globally, 1.1 billion people were living with vision loss

To raise awareness of the benefits of AI Smart Glasses for blind people and to generate donations to purchase these glasses for those who cannot afford them. Target Audience: The general public, including individuals, corporations, and foundations

  1. 43 million people are blind (crude prevalence 0.5%)
  2. - 295 million people have moderate to severe visual impairment (crude prevalence 3.7%)
  3. 258 million people have mild visual impairment (crude prevalence 3.3%)
  4. 510 million people have near vision problems (crude prevalence 6.5%)


To help 40 Million blind and 295 Million severely visually impaired people to be independent, have access to employment, education and fundamental rights on par with the rest of the world

Obstacle Avoidance

Reduced injuries to upper body with obstacle avoidance feature


Recognize currency, people, and objects

Text recognition

Ability to read, save and share written text independently with text recognition feature


Unmatched value and quality at affordable prices


Text Recognition

Recognize and translate text in over 8 languages.

Object Recognition

Identify objects from Vision Pro's wide repository.

Currency Recognition

Recognize currency denominations in real-time.

Auto-Pilot Mode

Access all features automatically at once.

Scene Description

Get detailed scene description.

Facial Recognition

Recognize faces and emotions in a blink.

Easy Navigation

Easily navigate indoor and outdoor with ease.

Obstacle Avoidance

2 in-built proximity sensors to avoid and navigate obstacles.

Turning Blind Dreams

Into Reality

At Green Sky Foundation, we believe in the power of a sustainable future. Our mission is to transform lives, communities, and the planet itself by harnessing the potential of green initiatives. With your generous donations, we can make the sky greener, brighter, and full of hope.

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